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worldwide development and installation
of solar trackers



The 1.1 MW solar project (Fairfield) in northern California developped bySolarWorld went with a single-axis tracking system from Navarra, Spain-based Grupo Clavijo because of experiences with a similar installation in Fresno,California.

"They had already been in operation,and they proved to be a reliabletracker. The city [of Fairfield] felt they wanted a tracker that had proven experience".

Josh Corbin, SolarPower project manager (EnerG Magazine, January / February2014).

Biosar Chile SpA

FromBiosar Chile SpA we would like to congratulate you company and team for the excellent job, supplying single axis solar tracker for a 40MW FV plant, named CHAÑARES in Diego de Almagro (Chile) that the mechanical contractors executed in 65 days. The job performed for your team form Spain and Chile, has been very satis factory and successful, form the confirmation of the order to the finals stages, including your support during the commissioning and quality of the equipment, materials and logistics from Spain.

We will be happy to continue our collaboration in future projects.

George Kanetakis

General Manager at Biosar Chile SpA

Esta empresa ha recibido una ayuda cofinanciada al 50% por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional a través del Programa Operativo FEDER 2014-2020 de Navarra